Snapshot: Moscow’s Red Square

by Jessica Marsden on September 24, 2010

Red Square, Moscow

essaycapital It’s hard to believe that it’s been only three months since Dan and I embarked on our Trans-Mongolian Railway trip. Since then, I’ve been home in the States for the first time in a year, moved to Beijing, found an apartment and started a grueling schedule of Chinese classes. Memories of riding horses in Mongolia, dipping our toes in Lake Baikal, traveling platskartny and trying khatchapuri feel like they took place ever so long ago. But a quick scan through my photos from the trip — a welcome diversion from all that homework — brings the memories flooding back. This shot of Red Square captures one of the most exciting moments of the trip, when on our second-to-last day we were finally face-to-face with Russia’s most famous symbols. Sure, St. Basil’s looks like it’s straight out of Candyland, but it’s beautiful all the same.

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